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5 Best Winter Vacations

Most people think the only appropriate season to explore the world is summer, and in case you are one of these “unfortunate” people then I’d like to change your mind with this blog post.

If you are the type that appreciatively looks forward to every December vacation, then you can affirm that winter is one of the best times to explore the different topographies of Mother Nature.

Furthermore, who doesn’t love winter vacations? I mean, I do not like gloomy, overcast, or rainy weather either, but I love winter seasons.

So, regardless of your travel preferences and what you are looking for (may it be a snowy retreat at in Colorado, a week sightseeing southern Spain, a sweater weather dual to Austin, or a perfect family cruise in the Caribbean), there is an ideal winter destination for you to bask this coming December.

1. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn city is the perfect winter destination for a short city break. During winter, the town turns magical with snow-covered streets and rooftops. This view integrated with the fact Tallinn city is naturally attractive due to its ancient walls, stunning old buildings, medieval towers, and cobbled streets makes the whole town downright stunning and the best winter destination on this list.

2. Belize

Despite being a small, centrally placed American nation (approximately the same size as Massachusetts), only few winter vacation on this list can match Belize’s mesmerizing natural attractions. The barrier reef torques and coral hues match the spectacular Mayan ruins dispersed across Belize’s forests. Belize spent decades hidden beneath Mexican vicinities’ shadows (Tulum, Cancun, and Cozumel) but today, this nation invites visitors from all around the world with its scuba diving heavens, Mayan ruins, and thatch-ceiled vintage lodges.

Even better, hundreds of tiny islands known as atolls and cays face off to Belize’s sun-drenched coastline. These islands lure tourists with their astonishing cerulean waters and palm trees. Try out Belize this winter and get to experience its unraveling charms.

3. The Florida Keys

If cost is a golden factor, but then again you’re searching for a perfect winter vacation destination, then The Florida Keys could be the destination you are looking for. This string of tropical islands offers an array of economical winter vacations; all at an affordable price.

Key West, for instance, is well known for its beautiful sunsets, beaches, art galleries, and watersports. Keys on the northern side (e.g., Islamorada and Marathon), on the other hand, are well known for their affordable resorts and hotels.

4. Oman

In case you would like to escape the snow a little bit but still make it home for the holidays, I suggest you visit the deserts of Oman. Here, you can explore magnificent canyons of Al Hajar Mountains and cruise through the dunes of Wahiba Sands. A brief, 3-week’s visit to the deserts of Oman can never leave you disappointed.

5. Paris

Despite being a prominent tourist destination throughout summer, Paris holds an unsung secret close to its chest. During winter, Paris transforms into the most elegant city in all of Europe making it a must-see for every traveler this coming winter.

Have you ever asked yourself how it would feel like to ascend the Eiffel tower or line up to enter Musee du Louvre during winter? I suggest you visit and find out.


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