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The Best Foodie Destinations

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

A good friend of mine once said, “there is no love sincere than love for food,” and I couldn’t agree with him more. The only thing better? Eating good food while traveling somewhere new and exciting!

Why not enjoy a heavenly cup of coffee while enjoying the view from your hotel balcony somewhere in Florence? Maybe travelling make you hungry, or perhaps being somewhere new stokes the fire of your inquisitive personality: Whichever the case, if travel only heightens your foodie-nature, these destinations should high on your travel list!

1. Paris, France

Continuously voted the best foodie destination in Europe, Paris undoubtedly takes the lead as the top food destination in the world. French Chefs have an unmatched reputation for preparing deliciously satisfying meals.

If you love Baguettes, Steak frites, Duck confits, Croissants, Macarons, fine wines, and of course cheeses then rest assured Paris will never let you go hungry.

2. Macedonia

It is likely that the average traveler knows very little, if any, regarding this nation, let alone its cuisine. So, let have the pleasure of being the first one to inform you: Macedonian food is a category of cuisine not to miss for foodies everywhere!

I could write about Macedonian food all day, but to sum it up, their meals usually consist of a delightful mix of produce, high end meats, and dairy products alongside a professional selection of delicious local wines. Even writing this made my mouth water. If anything even remotely similar occurred to you then Macedonia ought to be your next stop.

Venture into this landlocked nation and experience foodie wonders worth bragging about for years.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is home to a globally respected food community more than sure to satisfy the appetite of any foodie traveler from all around the world.

Listing every delicious thing you should try in Bangkok is near impossible because the city features thousands of must-try meals intended just for tourists. If this doesn’t qualify Bangkok as a food heaven, then I do not know possibly could!

4. Lima, Peru

In the last couple of years, Lima has risen in notoriety as one of the best foodie destinations in South America. The city has earned this wonderful reputation in part thanks to its position on the situated off the Pacific Ocean and as a result its creation of appealing and mesmerizing seafood dishes.

5. New York

Known for some of most iconic meals in the whole world (ahem, the pizza!), New York City is a 1-stop with every special meal you can think of!

Treat yourself to delicious meals from everywhere across the globe ranging from dim sum eateries in, sweet Indian take outs, and of course a pizza shop on every corner.


People travel for any number of reasons; some for love, some for work, some for adventure, and others, well, just because they can. Regardless of your reason for travel, finding an exciting new foodie destination to treat yourself will always be a perfect way to enjoy a new or familiar piece of this beautiful Earth.


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